So long pride land

Lion King Jr is over, but I am still singing many of our favorite songs. I am also answering my daughters in script… “Mom, where’s my food.” …”there is no food and no water…” Sometimes they are annoyed and sometimes they answer back…”the hyenas are taking over the pride lands!”

Looking back, there are so many highlights that I experienced over the past eight weeks. I loved helping the kids learn African. At first, we all felt like our mouths were full of marbles, but it got easier and now, I can’t stop singing Busa lele zwebo! I loved watching the kids get into their characters using voices and movements to be expressive and really bring these animals to life. And the voices on these kids- simply magical. Their expression and movement- I am just so proud. I loved working with these talented moms and dads too. I can’t believe what could be done with hot glue, boxes, brown paper and spray paint! Thank you for every fingerprint you burnt off and every night you spent thinking about the grassland head dresses, giraffe necks, elephant bodies and lioness skirts. Every piece of this beautiful puzzle was expertly completed.

So as we say goodbye to the pride lands, I will remember the feeling of accomplishment. We started with nothing- desolation- an empty stage and kids separated by six feet and masks and we ended in a family of animals all singing and dancing together in perfect unison. Without fear and with the hope for the future. Thank you to each family who joined me, who trusted me, who walked with me. Thank you to each child who gave your all, who brought excitement, energy and passion back into our hearts. Thank you for joining me.

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