One Magical Weekend

I have almost had one week to reflect on the magical production of Beauty and the Beast Jr. that we created. I get overwhelmed thinking about the countless people and hours that went into making this show a success. From our creative team that lead their teams so well with passion and vision, to all the parents that volunteered hours and hours, to our sponsors who donate so faithfully to the youth, to those who donated costumes, set pieces, props and materials, to Mosaic church who was so gracious in giving of their space, lights, sound and stage for rehearsals and the entire tech week, and our kids. These kids are something special. They are incredibly talented and the harder they worked the more they actually became the characters in rehearsal that they were portraying. We spent hours 80 hours working together singing, dancing, blocking and laughing. I got excited for every rehearsal because I got to spend it with your kids. We had 57 kids in this show, more than we have ever had and the show would not have been the same without each of them.

So, my heart is heavy this week because this show was magical and no matter how hard I try- there will never be another one quite like this. There will be MANY MANY more shows, but this one had the perfect creative team, the perfect cast with the perfect location and a whole lot of community support. If I did not get the opportunity to thank you- THANK YOU. You helped make this production something incredibly special and we couldn’t have done it without you.

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  1. So amazing! Thank you for your kind words and for your direction. Zoe was looking for the perfect place to land, and thanks to all of you, I think she found it. And you are correct-she is feeling the “play hangover” she’s so used to being around all of you and the kids it’s been hard. Looking forward to Monday at the party to see everyone again. Thank you so very much!!

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