How we came to be…

2020 was an interesting year… wasn’t it? I found it to be an emotional roller coaster! My husband and I had just returned from an amazing trip to New Zealand when covid hit. I’m sure my story is similar to yours- I went from working part-time to still working part time and being the full time principal, teacher, lunch lady, and custodian on top of never seeing my friends! I was not cut out for what spring had in store for us all and I pretty much fought it every step of the way. There were some great pajama days and precious moments with my kiddos, but also days I spent crying in bed. When June hit- I was ready for some good news and things to go back to normal. Our local school through the PTO had put on some incredible musical theater productions over the last five years and I had stepped up to the plate to direct this years performance. I felt a little in over my head, but I was excited for the opportunity to work with some talented kids and amazing families. Covid had thrown a wrench in the spring, but I wasn’t going to let a little thing like a pandemic get in the way of these kids participating in musical theater.

For some reason, moving forward was difficult. I spent many hours on the phone with school officials trying to make my case as to why our production was so important. It was like I was pushing a boulder up a hill and I had no idea if I would ever reach the top. When I found myself in this place, I prayed…like a lot. I didn’t understand- if I was meant to put on this play, why was I hitting so many road blocks? Then the holy spirit let me in on a little secret…I was supposed to create MY Theater. This experience was supposed to be bigger, wider and more inclusive than it could be in one school and so MY Theater was created.

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